Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ahhhhh.... A nice bath, a quiet house, flickering candles, and no energy being used (well, except the fridge and the phones...) for an hour. I wish I would have known about Earth Hour earlier so I could have planned a party or something, but I still participated by turning off all the lights and unplugging all my stuff for one hour this evening from 8pm to 9pm. When I first heard about it a couple days ago I thought "Oh! A fun excuse for another candle lit board game night with David!", but then I realized that David would be working. So then I turned to a nice bath and some quiet me time. The ants swarming in the bathroom almost ruined it, but I was in there earlier today with stakes and spray and so far it seems to be working, so I was able to take a long bath ant-free.

You may also have noticed that I put a new picture up in the header. That was taken on Trinidad State Beach this last weekend as David and I were celebrating our 6th year anniversary. We had a really good time. We started our day with breakfast at the Daybreak Cafe. I ordered a tofu scramble with mushrooms, spinach, tomato, and bell pepper with home fries, and David had the Dharma Bum. I thought the food was really good, and it was really awesome to be able to pick ANYTHING on the menu. David, however, was not impressed at all. I guess "rabbit food" takes some getting used to. Then we went off to the beach and hung out for several hours, enjoying the sunshine while it lasted (and it never lasts long enough here!). Later we went to Abruzzi's for dinner. The atmosphere was great, and would have been perfect for an anniversary date. Except they didn't have a single vegan dish, or anything that could have been prepared vegan. We had called ahead, and were told that it shouldn't be a problem, but at the restaurant it turned out that apparently they assumed vegan=vegetarian and that milk and eggs were no problem. It was my fault for not double checking. The food would have been very good (I had steamed veggies on polenta), except I was surprised by how much my tastes have changed, and I couldn't eat much of the polenta (made with milk and butter). David had the spaghetti and said it was pretty good.

Other than that, this week has been a "might as well eat worms" kind of week. No particular reason exactly, just been in a funk. Hopefully this three day weekend working on the house, getting a garden bed set up and ready for planting, and lots of yummy baking should do the trick to pull me out of it. Since I've been clinically depressed in the past, when I get like this I always start to worry a little that it's coming back. But really, I think it has to do with the time of month and just being TIRED of school.

All of that to say, I haven't really kept track of what I've been eating this week. We made the seared veggie burritos from ED&BV, which were very good. I think next time I'll add some more spice to them. Other than that, I've pretty much been throwing stuff in a pan and eating it. And they haven't really been coming out all that great. I've also had absolutely no energy or desire to go to the gym or take a walk or do anything remotely like exercise at all (unless you count walking on the beach for several hours and climbing up and down the terraces at CCAT planting their kitchen garden). Hopefully next week will be a fresh start and I can start getting back on track. I also have my doctor's appointment on Thursday, so we will see what she says about my lab results.

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Thanks for the up-date on your life, you are ssssssssoooooo important to us. Tomorrow will be better, SPRING is here and then SUMMER, this time of year we ALL get TIRED of SCHOOL, just HOLD ON A BIT LONGER. LOVE U :-)