Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trinidad Head

In the last few weeks of summer, I took several hikes around Trinidad Head. It's about a mile long loop that's straight up and straight down, and takes about an 40-60 minutes to walk. When it's sunny, the views are gorgeous. Even when it's all fogged over you can hear (and feel) the waves crashing against the head, and can hear seals, sea lions, and birds calling from the rocks beyond the Head. Above is Trinidad pier, where I take my water samples.

This granite cross stands at the top of the Head and replaced a wooden cross erected on June 11, 1775, by Bruno de Hezeta, commandant of an expedition up the northwest coast, who marched with his men and two Franciscan fathers from the shore of the bay to the top of the Trinidad Head and took possession in the name of Charles III of Spain. The inscription reads "Carolus III Dei G. Hyspaniarum Rex, June 9, 1775. Replaced by Club Women of Humboldt Co. Sept. 9, 1913." It took a bit of searching, but now that I know the story behind it, it's a lot cooler!

The old light house. I'm not sure how you get down to it, but it must have been quite the climb to get groceries!