Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm unique just like everyone else

I went in and had blood drawn last Monday for some tests. I got the results back in the mail today:

Complete Blood Count: normal (no anemia)
Chemistry profile: normal (normal kidney and liver function, normal BLOOD SUGAR, normal calcium, sodium, potassium
TSH: normal (normal thyroid)
Total Cholesterol: 201 (want it below 200)
LDL: 122 (want it below 99)
HDL: 43 (want it above 40)
Triglycerides: 181 (want it below 150)

It seems I'm pretty normal and healthy, which is good. I need to work on cholesterol, but even then, my numbers don't see to be that far from "normal", and with cutting out the dairy, I should be able to bring that under control fairly easily. I'll have to wait and see what the doctor says about the results, but from what I can tell, everything seems to be good news.

I will update more a little later, but I am still very sore from this weekend, spending 22 hours between boating safety exercises and doing a harbor seal pup rescue. The little girl just laid down and went right to sleep in the back of the car and slept all the way to Orick. Next time I promise to bring the camera out with me and post pictures of the cute little guys (the picture above belongs to the New England Aquarium). Also, just in case anyone is not aware; I volunteer with a marine mammal rescue center and am authorized to take marine mammals from the beach and to transport them to the facility. Unless you also fall under this category, DO NOT BOTHER, POKE, TOUCH, TAKE or otherwise disturb any marine mammal you may find on the beach. They are protected by law and can be dangerous, so if you see one that looks sick or is being bothered by people or pets, call your local sheriff or marine mammal rescue, but do not attempt to help it yourself.

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