Sunday, October 19, 2008

Away at Sea

It's been a long weekend, and overall, not a great one. So, instead of blogging, I'll leave you with this. We had a friend visit us while we were out on the R/V Coral Sea yesterday. Oh, a do me a favor and watch this on mute, since there's just a lot of boat sounds and us sounding like idiots (a group of us were "chumming" when this guy appeared, so we weren't exactly at our best).


Grammy said...

Hay, I turned up the sound to make sure that you were o.k. and I think I heard your voice, so YOU ARE ALIVE! :-) Nice film, THANKS, hay, where is your SUN SHINE, we are still in the 80's here :-)

lae21 said...

That's good ol' Humboldt Sunshine! We all panic when the giant fireball appears in the sky!