Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Has it really been three weeks since my last post? Well, time flies when you're having fun. Or having midterms, term papers, presentations, paperwork for work due at the same times, plus looking into buying a house, a couple of concerts, and your and your boyfriend's doctors appointments. And you can probably guess which category I fall under. :) The joys of being a working college student.

I went to the doctor today and she was confident that I don't have pre-diabetes. In fact, she said beside from my weight and my slightly high cholesterol and triglycerides I am in perfect health. Woot! She also said that I was doing great on my diet since I was far from anemic and didn't have any nutrient deficiency. I was a little worried when she was doing the hammer-on-the-knee thing to my right leg and my leg wasn't jumping at all, but then she moved to my left leg and I almost kicked her in the face. Apparently all is well there. Her only advice was to up the exercise more, which if my accidental 3 mile hike on Monday counts, I think I'm good for this week. I certainly wasn't a happy camper while I was hauling myself and my backpack up and down all the hills, but I was impressed when I mapped my route and discovered I'd walked that far in about an hour. Maybe I'll start taking shorter walks a couple times a week....

In a kind of ironic twist, David has been diagnosed with might-as-well-be diabetes. An A1C score of 7.0 is considered diabetic, and his score was a 6.9. He's been seeing a nutritionist, and she's recommended that he cut most carbs from his diet and eat more lean proteins like eggs and meats. She's also recommended that he stay away from most vegan protein sources because they are mostly classified as carbs. Which has made menu planning slightly trickier, but he's been good about learning to cook his own meat.

I haven't been keeping a list of what I've been eating lately, but some highlights include Vegan Dad's Pasta with Peppers and Spicy Sausage, which was excellent. Vegan Dad has now been redeemed. Even David told me to keep this recipe in the rotation. Also on the highlights list were Sour Cream Chicken* Enchiladas, which were very good, but on the second day were so spicy we couldn't eat the rest of them. Next time, less chipotle? Meatloaf and fried chicken also topped the list, but both were too salty for me. I have been using less and less salt, and have been trying to buy more low sodium items, so maybe it's just my taste buds? I've managed to catch a cold in the last few days, so last night I was happy to find vegan cream of mushroom soup and made made favorite comfort food; Connie's Barf Chicken. Not the most appetizing name, I know, but it has stuck since we first made it from Connie's recipe and my dad said it looked like someone barfed in the bowl. Pre-veg*n days, I made it with cream of mushroom soup, cream cheese/sour cream (whatever was on hand), chopped chicken breast, covered in buttered cracker crumbs and baked until everything was cooked and gooey. Last night I used Imagine brand mushroom soup, frozen chicken strips, broccoli, and some cream cheese and ate it over rice. Just what I needed. I also realized that what I liked so much about it was the cream of mushroom soup and cream cheese, so next time I might skip the chicken strips all together and just keep the broccoli instead.

Now I'm off to get yet another cup of tea and study for Friday's genetics exam. Only two weeks left of classes, a week of finals, and then I'm free for the summer and my long awaited road trip!

*You may have noticed that I'm not using Chik'n or qualifying my ingredients as vegan. I am eating almost entirely vegan except for pantry items that were bought before the switch, so just assume that when I say chicken, I mean some sort of vegan product that tastes/is meant to mimic chicken, etc.

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