Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Dinner

Ok, I think I know what I'm making for Christmas dinner. Of course, knowing me I'll be changing my mind right up to setting the table. But for now:

Au Gratin Herb Scalloped Potatoes from Vcon (I should have opened the book to find out what they were actually called first). I made these before when I had some friends from high school stay with us a few days. I was the only vegetarian out of the four of us, and everybody loved these, so I think they're family safe.

My Spinach-Artichoke Dip. Not for dinner exactly, but for snacks before dinner, or at the very least for New Years.

Turkey Roast. Just saw this on EverydayDish and thought it looked really good. I might go with something else though....

Mushroom gravy. Because it isn't a holiday meal without buckets of yummy gravy.

And of course there should be plenty of stuffing and vegetables and rolls and possibly sweet potatoes floating around the dinner table, but Grandpa is in charge of all that, because he makes the best stuffing and sweet potatoes ever. Not the sweet potatoes with the pineapple in it though (or is that the one my dad makes...), the kind with all the yummy pecans on top. Mmmm. Hopefully he can use some EarthBalance and Veggie broth and my sister and I can enjoy all of it too.

And just for kicks, I found this in my picture file the other night and thought it was great. My mom would kill me if she knew this picture was on here, so everybody pipe down. This was taken a couple of years ago before her work's themed Christmas party. Nevermind my dad's shoes and the cat beds.

My mom is a hottie.


Grammy said...

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH, your MOTHER is going to get you!!!!! Hay "Kiddooooo" I think this is your Grammies picture (ha-ha)or MAYBE you just a tad thinner. You best check the date on the back of the picture :-) LOVE U.

Food "stuff" is sounding GREAT!!!!, can't wait to have you HOME again. See you soon :-) & :-]

lae21 said...

Nope, that's Mom alright. I have three other similar pictures to proof it. :-)

Karen said...

i've just linked to your blog from Beauty that Moves (heather's blog). I love your movements toward a very noble goal: your health! Look forward to hearing all that you have to say ... and I, too, am a former Nutmegger! (what I believe they call us CT people). Now I live in Louisville, KY but i am home for the holidays.